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Our Story

Max Tong, the founder of D’KOSO was graduated from National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan.  He has been in the field of chemistry for more than 15 years. In 2018, he found that his sense of smell became less sensitive. In severe cases, he could not even distinguish the smell. He realized that the chemical poison had severely affected his nose and body. Therefore, he insisted to shut down the chemical factory immediately that he had worked so hard for years. He hoped this decision can get back his bodily health. 

D’ KOSO business was created by chance when Max visited the local university with friends. He figured out that "enzyme" was a good cleaning helper to avoid invisible chemical poisoning to everyone, also user-friendly for daily use. Then, he studied "enzymes" with his expertise to create a 100% additive-free natural cleaner. From the selection of natural raw materials was needed more than 50 continuous research and development and testing. In the end, a successful enzyme natural cleaner was launched after 13 months.

Joey Piang, the mother of two sons, is also the co-founder of D'KOSO.
Joey’s youngest son was born premature and has skin eczema problem. She fed milk to her baby by using feeding bottle. This made her worried that might full of viruses remaining in the bottle will affect her son’s health. Thus, she was cautious when choosing cleaning products. When her youngest son was learning to crawl, his eczema was worse by the days. Joey is keen to find up and down natural floor cleaners. 
In coincidence met up Max, the founder of D’KOSO. He mentioned natural cleaners to Joey. So, she started experiencing D’KOSO cleaners for 6 months. She deeply felt that the differences had been brought by real natural cleaners. She noticed the importance of being a mother who wants to give her children natural cleansers. Lastly, she decided to join D’KOSO. She is hoping all mothers enjoy the real natural cleanser at the most reasonable price.

D’KOSO’s mission is to create a natural detergent that everyone can use. By using D’KOSO cleaners, it will benefit every family member to reduce chemical poisoning. At the same time, every family will reduce environmental pollution and purify the environment.

Everyone, Be Clean! Go Green!